Our Philosophy

The significance of whanaungatanga is foremost to Bloesem Early Learning Mount Maunganui and Te Puke. We respect the whanau as the first aspect of reciprocal care of our Tamariki. Attentive practice is paramount to the relationships we have at Bloesem with integrity, honesty, trust and respect for each other.

The Taiao/environment is utmost valued and reflects the vision of Bloesem. Care and consideration is reflected in every aspect of the environment and what it can provide for the Tamariki, Kaiako and whanau. The Taiao offers the beginning of interest, inquiry, wonder and extended learning as well as creating a pleasing aesthetic visual for all experiences.

Sustainable practice is valued and connects with the ethos of producing and caring for the environment and the wider community. A connection to the community is important to create respectful transitions to the Centre, within the Centre,
and to Primary School.

The value of rangatiratanga/growing self-confidence extends to everyone at Bloesem childcare centre. Kaiako being present in an aesthetic setting developing respectful reciprocal relationships with the Tamariki, whanau and the community. This creates an atmosphere where the Tamariki can grow as they entail and continue their lifelong learning as capable, knowledgeable and confident learners.

Bloesem Early Learning Centre