Parent Info

Policies and Procedures.
Our Centre has a number of policies and procedures which assist us to govern, manage and operate our service effectively. We encourage parents/ Whānau to familiarise yourself with this documentation which includes the Centre’s regulations, policies, and the Education Review Office report, at any time.  Most of this information is displayed on the parent /Whānau notice board. However, if you would like to view any un-displayed information the staff would be happy to source this for you. For your reference, please also take note of our inquiries, concerns and complaints policy. We update our policies and procedures regularly.  When there is a new policy it will be placed beside the sign in sheet for you to view and sign once you have read it, as we value your contribution towards an exceptional teaching/learning environment for the good of the children.

What will your child need?
We have a healthy eating policy so please try to remember this in the food choices you provide for your children. We have morning tea at 10am, lunch at 12pm and afternoon tea at 3pm. Please make sure your child has enough food for the time he/she will be at the Centre. We have a water only policy except for babies bottles, and also please do not pack any foods containing nuts in your child’s lunchbox as these provide a hazard for choking and for children with nut allergies.

We would prefer it if toys were kept at home as these often cause conflict between children.

Nappies are to be provided by parents.

  • 3 spare changes of clothes in your childs bag
  •  Weather appropriate outdoor accessories such as boots, hats and coats.

In the event where we need to use the Centre clothing, we would appreciate it if you washed them and returned them promptly.
Please clearly name all of your child’s belongings.

Group Sizes
Our centre has specifically designed rooms for under 2’s and Kindergarten (over 2’s)

Young Children 
(Under 2’s).
We have an average teacher to child ratio of 1:3/1:4 with a maximum group size of 15

(Over 2’s).
We have an average teacher to child ratio of 1:7/1:8 with maximum group size of 31.

How to access information about your child 
Parents have the opportunity to access Story Park for an online learning tool and information concerning their child.
Funding documents are available on request.

Education Review Office 
Early childhood centres are revised within the first two yards of population. Once reviews you will find a link to the most recent centre review here. To find out more about the purpose of the ERO review you can click here.

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